This is Cody
He is a 3 mos old black lab and was a gift to me from a good friend on June 5, 2004

June 5, 2004

of course, he's all legs right now!

Leash training is going pretty well. It didn't at first and I thought he might choke himself out when he would dig in all 4 legs, lock them up, and pull backwards to defy me! But, its going much better now since I bought a new collar and leash that is NOT a choke collar (which is what the Humane Society gave us). He even wags his tail and gets excited when I go for the leash now! He still resists on occasion, but not often! Now we just got to work on the "heel" part so he quits wrapping me up in his leash when he gets excited! ha

Rough day of being adopted!

Cody is a wonderful little guy! He's alot of fun and loves to be cuddly!
And, like all babies, when he's tired... he's TIRED and he sleeps frequently! He can be playing one minute and be sound sound asleep the next! He's really active when he's asleep, those little (they are actually big) feet and long legs are going 90mph and occasionally, he'll yip or whine. When he's not "running".... he's snoring! ha He moves all over the place too! On his back, rolls over, rolls the other way, etc.

Learning to play "Fetch"

Cody's a pretty smart character when he feels like it! He knows how to sit and he knows the word NO! (He also seems to recognize "NO DAMMIT"!ha) He'll play fetch for about 8 throws and then he takes his toy and lays down with it in the cool grass. Sometimes he'll come when I tell him too.. sometimes he needs a gentle reminder as to who is in charge!ha

David and Cody

Me and Cody

I wish that the housebreaking was going as well as the "sit" and "fetch" has gone.... sigh. I can't really blame Cody though. I bought "puppy pads" for him to eliminate on... as opposed to doing it on my hardwood floors or my nice rugs! And, I bought this stuff that you spray to make the dog only go to certain places to eliminate. Unfortunately, I didn't read the directions right and I sprayed the stuff on all my living room rugs and put the "puppy pads" down in the areas that he seemed to favor... like the front door! Well, after a couple more days of my rugs getting soiled... and endless frustration on my part.... I read the bottle more carefully (after cursing at it in preparation to throw it out!) and it wasn't the STAY OFF stuff... it was the DO IT HERE stuff! sigh So, I spent a good deal of Sunday washing the rugs I could in the washer and putting pet odor eliminator powder on the big rugs. Vacumn them all, spray with Febreeze and sprayed the DO IT HERE stuff on the puppy pads! WELL... I caught him in mid stream on my best rug that I just cleaned... so, I decided to try the old fashioned method of YNRSO (Yell NO, Rub his nose in it, Scold him, and banish him Outdoors to "think about what he had done"!) ha That helped, at least he gets the pads instead of my rugs! There's something to be said for the "old ways"!ha To help him out we make more frequent visits outside before bedtime now too!

Cody has quite a collection of toys. He has his outdoor toys (the hard ones) and his indoor toys (the soft ones). He also has choosen a pair of slippers (that I didn't like) for more teething material! I think he has about a dozen toys now... and no doubt will have more! ha I spoil him rotten!

The three cats still haven't warmed up to Cody. He wants to play with them, but they don't want anything to do with that rambuncious pup! Poor guy! The cats have all moved upstairs and come down to feed or escape out the cat door for a romp outside. Angel has her nose the most out of joint because Cody sleeps on the floor by my bed (on his pillows, of course) so she is afraid to come in. She USED to sleep on my bed at night. She did sneak in twice without Cody waking up, but was gone again before morning. Hopefully they will all get this thing worked out!

Sometimes you're too tired to stand up!

Cody gets his "gruel" every morning and night, during the day, he gets iams dog food, which he doesn't really care for... but a puppy gets hungry! ha His "gruel" consists of cooked brown rice, cooked oatmeal, cottage cheese, raw egg, and milk. When he's really lucky, I put some cooked hamburger or chicken in it too! He eats alot though, I've had to triple the recipe or cook a new batch every couple of days!

June 12, 2004
Cody went for his first long trip to visit my father. Its only a 40 minute ride and Cody slept most of the way! I don't recommend fast food for puppies but, I was hungry so I bought him a McDonalds' sausage biscuit to munch on while we were driving. He ate the biscuit first... well, most of the biscuit... a good deal of it ended up on the passenger seat with him lying on it! He saved the sausage for last! Then he went to sleep and only woke every now and then to sit up and look out the window. He was all tail wags when we got to Dad's house and he saw my Dad! It was too cute! After a couple hours of visiting, we left. But this time, I put him in the back of my SUV with the back seats folded up so he would have plenty of room (he seemed alittle confined in the front bucket seat). He didn't really care much for that arrangement and wanted back up in the front seat, but eventually laid down on my jacket on the floor. All in all, the trip went well. I just hope he learns how to jump up into the car before he gets much heavier!

CODY MEETS JESSIE, the neighbor dog
June 12, 2004
Upon our return from the farm and visiting Dad, Jessie and her "person" (that would be Claire) were out in their yard, so we went over for a visit. At first Cody was shy and timid with Jessie, who is 10 yrs old and a long haired blond! Jessie is very patient however and with urging from her person, she allowed the baby Codys' natural curiosity to overcome his shyness. Pretty soon, they were playing in the yard and chasing a ball! It was very funny to watch them! Since it was an impromptu meeting, I didn't have a camera ready for photos, but there will be some the next time!

June 14, 2004
David was nice enough to take Cody for his first visit to the vet. Well, first one to this vet! All went well and Cody got his stitches out (from getting fixed) and got a clean bill of health!
Cody is a very social puppy and enjoyed all the doggy company at the vets office!

CODY MEETS JAKE, down the street neighbor dog
June 14, 2004
After work today, Jake (a rather large and playful Dobie) and his "person" (that would be Chris) came over to visit for a few minutes. Cody wasn't near as shy with Jake as he had been with Jessie. In a few moments they had adequately sniffed of each other and we all went outside to play! Oh my! Did they play! What a silly scene too! We did manage to get some pictures this time!
This was a bonding moment!

They really romped around in the back yard chasing each other! They both had their tongues dragging the ground in no time!

Cody learns to gallup! LOL Look at those ears flopping in the wind!

My tired boy! All worn out from the excitement of having made another new friend and romping around the yard!

On the 17th of June, Cody got his biggest present! A new Pool!! He took to it fairly quickly and now, a couple days later, will get in it by himself, lay down, and then look at you like "Na Na Na Na Na Na.... I'm nice and cool!" He's a riot!

He got his first soapy bath that same day.. he was NOT a happy camper! (But, he did smell better!) LOL

July 2004

Jake and Cody are the best of friends... boy do they play hard! LOL

Cody took a dip in his pool!

Jake needed a bit of coaxing! LOL

OKAY! LOL ALOT of coaxing from his "dad"!

Glock came over for a visit on the 4th of July weekend. She's getting on in age and can be a bit cranky! She doesn't get around so good any more and I was afraid that Cody would just be TOO much puppy for her. But, I'm told, Cody was a gentleman and didn't jump all over her or anything! They got along very well!

Cody "kicking back" and gnawing on a doggy treat! July 12, 2004

About July 17, 2004, Jake came over to visit again! It was such a hot day. Poor puppies (and their "people") were melting! So, we decided it was time to give the puppies a bit of a "wet down" with the hose! LOL Now, although Cody likes his pool and water in general.. he doesn't much care for being "showered" by the hose and Jake completely, with a doubt, hates the rain shower thingy! After the shower, they felt great and were ready to chase and play again!

July 22, 2004
CODY'S FIRST WALK in the neighborhood
Since I made it home at a decent hour, I decided to take Cody out for his first walk around the neighborhood. Actually, it wasn't a long walk because it was about 95 deg out and it was too hot to go far. He did pretty well too. So many new smells and stuff for him to investigate. We only walked about 6 blocks but I was glad he did so well and once he learns to stay on one side of me... that will be better! He kept trying to wrap me up in his leash!

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