July 2004
CLUB CODY..... how it came to be!

One night I had to work late at the last minute. I thought it would only be a couple hours, so I didn't get real worried about it. It turned out to be a 14 hour day!
Well, I had been allowing Cody, for a few days, access to the inside of the house from the backyard. He had been very good so far, so I wasn't real concerned about it.
Well, as I drug my tired behind home and looked forward to seeing my baby and just relaxing for a bit... I pulled up to the garage, parked, got out, grabbed the mail and opened the door. I was greeted by a wiggling mass of black fur that was all happy that his mom was home.
and THEN...........

I saw it..........

Yep, he had made quite a mess of the house... I was not pleased! I explained to the 4 mos old, in four letter words and words of one syllable, that I was not happy with this whole thing! His wiggling, the smile on his face (thinking I would be pleased with the redecorating no doubt), and the twinkle in his little brown eyes quickly diminished.
Two hours later, I had the house put back in order and hit the sack.

Within a few days........ CLUB CODY was born!

Club Cody is an exclusive club, but you need not be a Labrador to join... in fact, you only need to be fun to play with to be a member!
This guy was admitted to the club...
And, of course Jake, his buddy was too!

Club Cody is tastefully decorated with flowers lining the fenceline....

A refreshing pool for those hot days.......

A private bed for relaxing alone......

Plenty of toys and physical activities, such as "Tug of War"

An umbrella for additional shade in the hot sun was put in, but has been replaced by a canopy in the last few days. (The canopy seems more practical since it will also shield the members from the rain.)

Currently, a clubhouse is being constructed and should be available for use within 2 weeks. The Club Cody Clubhouse has a roomy 5' x 4' x 2' room for lounging and a 5' x 2' x 2' porch for dining or just watching the world go by!

The frame

Almost done!

In addition, Cody offers free rawhide bones, water, food, and a toilet area (that is far from the club area).... to its members.

So, Cody is waiting for his members to show up... so far five have put in applications and have been accepted... two have 4 legs and three have 2 legs!

After Luke arrived on the scene, Club Cody went through many changes. It seems Luke knew how to "climb" up the chicken wire fence and get out... so, white boards were put up. That worked for a little while.

Then Luke learned to jump the gate. So I put up cut pieces of board to stop that. That worked for awhile too. Then he learned that if he took a running jump, he could hook his "elbows" on the white boards and scramble his way over the fence. (Quite industrious isn't he? sigh)
I had removed the potted plants from the front of the fence because Luke ate them all... or most of them. Once the plants and planters were gone, having that little white wire fence in the ground didn't make much sense, so I had taken that out too.
Being pressed for time and cash, when Luke learned to "jump" and "hook" to get out.... I used that dorky white fence, nailed above the white board (and to the white board) to frustrate his flight ability. I ran out of fence though and had to resort to small pieces of 1/4" plywood in some areas to block him. (You'll have to picture that in your mind.... I couldn't bear to photo it!) Basically, if I had put a rusty old pickup on blocks next to Club Cody and threw around some beer cans, it would have been the perfect hillbilly heaven! sigh
Since the wet time of year was fast approaching, I decided to put cement bricks and wood chips from the back patio to the dog house so I wasn't slopping through mud to take their food (and them) out in the dark in the mornings. It looks pretty nice too, even if I do say so myself! LOL It serves it function very well!
The Entrance

Pathway to the doghouse

But, alas, there was one section that I had nothing to "build up" to keep the bullheaded one confined.... so I had leaned a ladder against it. (I was told that would prevent him from jumping there.) When I arrived back home, guess what... sigh.
Being near my wits end with Luke, I threw up my hands and gave in. I couldn't stand how my back yard was shaping up.... SO I ripped it all down.
Then I installed two of those things that screw into the ground and you attach the dog to it on a metal leash. They each have their own screw in the ground and each has a 20' leash.
I hoped that would be the answer. I hoped it would make it so I could still preserve most of my yard. I hoped..... sigh
It isn't working out so well though. They drag the leashes through thier "potty" (which is quite unpleasant when I have to untangle the leashes).. and they get the leashes tightly tangled up when they are playing and that shortens their area. Had I not learned that LUKE can also scale the gate that is in the side yard and escape to the front yard and roadway I wouldn't be that concerned of them running loose in the backyard... well, I would be concerned, because they are destroying my yardwork!
So, I don't know what I'll try next. I'm thinking that I will put up a 6' solid wood fence with razor wire on top... I'll rename "Club Cody" as "Stalag Luke"....sigh

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