CLUB CODY is built.... find out why! Club Cody

A gift Cody to commemorate the opening of his exclusive Club!

A new member of the family arrives, meet Luke and then come back here to continue watching the puppies grow up!

Luke and Cody quickly became the best of friends. Luke is much smaller than Cody, but he doesn't give up when they're playing! He gives Cody a run for his money!

August 2004

During the "ground breaking" ceremony for the concrete pad that would support the new hot tub, Cody (on the left) and Luke (on the right)proved invaluable to making things run smoothly!

I was pleased to see that both puppies take their personal hygiene seriously and would not eat before getting cleaned up (yeah right!) LOL

Luke seems to have a real fascination for water coming from the hose. He will chase the hose (with water running), like a kitten follows a piece of yarn being pulled! Its a riot! He tries to "bite" the water and most times, ends up getting soaked in the process! He will even jump up (rather high) to snap at the water coming from the hose. I forsee buying or building him his own waterfall so he can amuse himself all day! LOL He's quite the character!

September 2004

Good friends, Adam and Peggy, came up to visit for a few days over the holiday weekend (Sept 4 - 6) and brought their new puppy (well, she's a dog! She's 15 mos old) to meet Cody and Luke.


Once they figured each other out and how they each "play", all was fine. It was a little "touch and go" in the beginning as Jessie kicked Cody and Luke's butts! Umm.. that would be Cody on the ground and Luke "coming to the rescue!

(The trio were looking for something, but I'm not sure what!)

Peggy gets their attention with a toy... at least she had Jessie's attention! Cody and Luke were still trying to figure out this new dog!

Adam got malled by the trio!

It was sooooooooooo degrading for my male "happy go lucky" puppies to get taken down to the ground by that "business is business" BRUTE!! But, all's well that ends well! They got along just fine after the first few hours of "initiation" and played VERY hard!

Oh, she still knocked them around with that big chest, but Cody and Luke got a few licks in too!

They all slept very well after all that activity! LOL

Cody and Luke sorta moped around for the rest of the day on the day that Jessie left. They kept going to the front door, where they last saw her and then walked back into the bedroom and sniff around where her bed had been lying on the floor, check the backyard and Club Cody, and then flop down on the floor... sigh... it was so sad!

Jessie left her favorite toy for Luke and Cody to play with and they, in turn, gave her Cody's favorite noisy squeak toy that she fancied. So they all had a rememberance to keep when the weekend was over.

A new ClubHouse is currently under construction too! Its huge! Dad and I are building it.

FALL 2004
Well, things have been pretty busy, so I've not been paying much attention to keeping the website up. The boys have grown, Cody is about 85 lbs and 8 mos old, Luke is about 40 lbs and 7 mos old. Luke is still bullheaded. He whines, barks, chews up magazines (and everything else), climbs fences, digs,... shall I go on? He's so cute when he's asleep! LOL

I have taken them on a couple walks in the neighborhood. Its alot of fun, but its alot of work too! They are pretty strong when they're intent on going somewhere! Sometimes, we even jog for a little.

I bought Luke a rawhide bone a few months ago to satisfy that teething problem. He really liked it, he drug it around all over the yard!

Some people think I spoil my boys... what do you think? LOL (Cody wears the red collar, Luke a blue one.)
They make great heaters at night though!

I took them out to Dad's place awhile back. Cody had been there before, this was Luke's first trip. They did ok in the car after we had driven about 10 - 15 miles! Then, Luke settled down and the trip was quiet again!

The neighbors at Dad's house have a few cows.... Luke wanted to play with them real bad, but I wouldn't let him. I was afraid he might get kicked or gored!

On Friday nights, my buddies David and Chris come over for dinner, drinks, and poker. Usually Chris brings Jake over. Luke loves Jake and wants to play so bad when he comes over. Jake, on the other hand, tolerates Luke and would rather he go away! After the first 10 minutes of a "wiggly" Luke trying to lick his face or ears or just be in his "space", Jake has had enough of the youngster! LOL
Of course, sitting on the couch is a special thing. I don't let "the boys" on the couch, which is actually a loveseat, very often. David was sitting on it recently and ALL the boys wanted to get up there with him!
Jake is the one in the chain collar.
Jake, is huge, he probably weighs 115 - 125 lbs. THAT'S a BIG Dobie! And, he still thinks he's a puppy! And he still thinks he's small enough to be a lapdog!

Jake won the "prize" of being on the couch.... and torments Luke.
(Note the tongue sticking out!!) LOL

My Boys retire to the doggie pillow....

November 2004
I haven't written much about the Boys for awhile, work and home stuff has kept me pretty busy. I don't really notice how big they've gotten until I look at their baby pics! Cody weighed in at 85 lbs and Luke at 45 lbs the last visit to the vet! YIKES! They are only 9 and 8 mos old, respectively!

They still play hard! Taking them for a walk is fun, but what a workout for me! Luke has a tendency to be very vocal, where Cody is usually the quiet one. Some days, they both bark way too much. Not at anything in particular, they just want to be let in or whatever. I tried muzzles to keep them quiet, but it didn't work all that well. They are "between sizes" in muzzles. Cody's was too big and Luke's was almost too small. The one for Cody would have been way to big for Luke even though it was only one size different. But, it worked to some degree and they were less than happy with that situation!

Club Cody was dismantled due to it not being able to hold Luke in. That little buggar could climb over the fence, so I made the fence taller, and he learned to take a running jump at the fence and get his elbows hooked on top and pull himself over! Now the whole back yard is a mess.... sigh
Then, Luke learned he could get out into the front yard from the side gate, so in haste to stop that, I put the stuff I was going to take to the dump in front of it. That stopped him for a brief while, but by December he had learned how to get past those obstacles. SOOOOOOOOOoo... I built a new gate and fence, which isn't done yet, but has "chicken wire" where the wood fence will go.
Well, not alot has changed. But here are a few new pics of the boys!
I wanted to take a pic of them wearing Christmas hats so that I could use it for a Christmas card next year.... they weren't cooperating! sigh

When I was cleaning out the back of the car, they thought we were going to go somewhere, so they both jumped in and then looked at ME like I was stupid!

Who says my boys are spoiled? tee hee!

Well, here it is January... I've still not completed the side fence and gate. Luke already got through it anyway... that mutt is half Mountain Goat I swear! He's way too smart for his own good!
So, Dad helped me put up an electric fence, like we used on the farm. In an effort to preserve what is left of my yard, the fence was strung along the line of the original fence, behind the hot tub and over to the back door of the garage. I had to make it so the meter reader could get to the meter. Anyhow, its working really well and less obtrusive looking than a real wood type fence. Luke, being the curious one was the one who got "bit" by the wire. He didn't much like it and Cody, being the smarter one, saw what happened to Luke and hasn't even tried to test the wire himself! haha. Most of the time, I don't even have it on, they steer clear of it and still have plenty of "play room".
Luke has been a bit more subdued since his introduction to the "wire" but he's still full of plenty of life! I think it was pretty demeaning for him to have the wire bite him like that. I wish I had done the "wire" first! The rest of my yard may actually survive this year now since they are "wired off" from it!
I still take them to Dad's farm when the weather is going to be decent. (I don't really want two wet dogs in my car for an hour on the ride home! pee uuuu!!) And there is always the new sights, sounds, and smells of the country for them to enjoy!

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