July 2005
The boys are getting big!
Cody is now 16 mos old and weighs in at about 120lbs!
Luke is now 15 mos old and weighs in at about 85 lbs!
Cody, Dave, and Luke

Luke is growing into a nice looking dog

There's not an ounce of fat on either one of them either! They are big boys!
Every night after work, if its nice out, they are allowed into the main part of the back yard to romp around for a bit. They have plenty of "romping room" in THIER part of the yard but being allowed into the "other" part of the yard is a big treat!

After a 20 minute romp and wrestle, Cody relaxes (and cools down) in his pool!

My friend Dave took the boys to the vet for their shots for me a few days ago. Cody, who is normally pretty mellow and friendly, was acting up and being aggressive to the other doggies in the waiting room. Luke, who is normally a pain in the butt, sat politely and behaved himself.
In the exam room, the vet came in to give them their shots and Cody took his with no problems! Luke, on the other hand, didn't care for getting a shot. They were on the floor anyhow to be given their shots and when the vet stuck the needle in Luke, he took off running and Dave managed to "pin" his head/neck against the wall with his leg. The vet was crawling on the floor on his hands and knees so he could get to Luke and retrieve the syringe which was still in Luke's backside!! (What a sight that must've been! haha)
Well, Cody, seeing that his buddy was scared and surmizing that the man crawling on the ground was the perpetrator of that crime, positioned himself between the vet and Luke! He was protecting Luke! (What a good boy he is!!)
Dave had to keep Luke pinned to the wall with one leg and pull 120lb Cody out from his protective position, so the vet could get to Luke, get out the needle and then give Luke his shot! Now, mind you, Cody was just blocking the way of the vet, he never snarled, snapped at, or bared his teeth even once.... he was just a big hairy road block! haha
Well, it all got accomplished and the boys are up to date with their shots. They were pretty tuckered out when I got home and they went to sleep early that night. They also stuck to me like glue and required alot of petting - especially Luke. I guess getting a shot was pretty traumatic for him. It all surprised me because Luke has had shots before and I've not had that kind of problem with him.

Occasionally, Jake still comes over to visit and romp around

Luke is fascinated with water from the hose or the sprinkler, but he doesn't care to go lay in the pool like Cody does. (Cody, on the other hand, hates the water from the hose and won't go near the sprinkler either!)

The boys, August 2005

August 2006

Boy, a whole year has passed since I put up pics of the boys! Time sure slips away quickly anymore! Not much has changed at all. The boys are still best of buds and enjoy romping around the yard! Their friend Jake has moved away with his family so its just the two of them now. There is a little pomerainian(sp) or something that has been living next door that they have befriended. They "charge" each other at the fence and tails are wagging like crazy! When King comes outside, he immediately starts barking and the boys run out the doggy door to greet their friend. Then they all bark for awhile and finally shut up again!

Getting ready to rock-n-roll!

The attack!

The takedown!
Cody, being the sweet natured boy that he is, will normally let Luke whoop on him... but when he's had enough... he's had enough.... and he lets Luke know about it! LOL They are so much fun!

Luke still has a thing for running water. I'm not sure what that's all about. He will get in the pool now, but won't lay down. Just stops in long enough to cool his feet and grab a drink of water after wrestling!

Luke and the sprinkler

The vet said that Cody is overweight. I don't see it personally, I think he looks great!

Cody poses for pictures! LOL

Luke isn't much into posing for pictures but he will allow them! LOL

December 2006
Well, I bought a fake tree this year and decorated it with cheap ornaments just in case Cody and Luke wanted to "play" with the new seasonal member of the household. I thought it turned out pretty, all considered!

I tried to get the boys into the holiday mood, but they really were not very happy when I put hats on them AND wanted them to sit still for me to take their pictures!


In fact, Luke just got totally annoyed and layed down!


They were much more willing to sit still for a photo WITHOUT hats on!

If they could talk in human, they would wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

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