July 2004
Luke is a 4 mos old Black Lab mix. He has some Chow Dog or something else in him, which must be where the white on his chest comes from. He also talks alot, not barking talk, more like "doggy talk" and its so cute! It cracks me up when he does it! That is more of a husky trait, so perhaps he has some Huskey in him instead of Chow.

Some friends of a friend had little Luke, but he was proving to be just too much puppy for their older dog, so they sadly decided to give the puppy away to a good home. Luke has had a confusing beginning in life. Poor guy. In his first 4 mos of life he has had 3 names! Originally, he was called Diesel, then he was called Guiness, and then I named him Luke.

So, he arrived here on August 13th. Yep, that would be Friday the 13th... hmmmmmmmmmmm.... LOL.

He is a little sweetie and he needs some training, but, he is all puppy and he and Cody play hard and sleep and then go at it again!

Jake, Cody and Luke get along fine and play pretty well together. The cats, as you might guess, are not at all happy with the new addition to the household! But, they'll adjust.

Club Cody underwent some renovations.... seems Luke is a "climber".. and a "digger".... and a barker! (More work for me... huge sigh!) The new Club Cody is pretty well finished and looks pretty good. Just some "finishing touches" to be added to make it "pretty"! So far, since the renovations.... its kept Luke in!

Cody and Luke "growing up" will be continued in Cody's page click here for the continuing saga!

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